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The Personae SRD supports the themes of the Shadowlight RPG, where the curious investigate mysteries, explore paradoxes and delve into the hidden truths of the omniverse. Personae and Shadowlight are two sides of the same coin: when you play a Personae game, you're playing a Shadowlight game. Every unique Personae campaign is both a Personae stage and a monad of the omniverse.

Not only is Personae a complete and fully playable TTRPG system in its own right, but it's also a toolkit for creating original RPGs. 

The objective of Personae is to facilitate rewarding, enjoyable roleplaying game experiences. Personae provides a rules system for resolving conflicts within the confines of a collaborative, interactive fictional environment consisting of one or more players and a GM. Personae has the resources roleplaying game groups need to build any kind of characters they can imagine and allow for meaningful choices to impact the unfolding of thrilling adventures. 

Online version of the SRD available at

Updated 21 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorCraig Hatler Games
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsNarrative, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$2.00 $1.00 USD or more

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CHG - Personae v2 - SRD (Full) - 2-1-2023.pdf 514 kB
CHG - Personae v2 - SRD Overview Part I.pdf 11 MB
CHG - Personae v2 - SRD Overview Part II.pdf 8 MB
CHG - Personae v2 - Blank Char Sheet (4 pg).pdf 540 kB
CHG - Personae v2 - Blank Char Sheet (4 pg, form-fillable).pdf 1 MB
CHG - Personae v2 - System Quick Reference.pdf 762 kB
CHG - Personae v2 - Personae Under the Hood.pdf 1,008 kB

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Fantastic System to write on. This offers a great balance of mechanics and narrative based play and it is a good starter SRD for those new to the tabletop space both as players and as Game Masters. As for game building, the amount of crunch versus narrative allows for amazing flexibility for designers and writers for different settings and styles of game play. Really good all around SRD that has the chops to be used in combat or dungeon crawling games without sacrificing the role play.